Wednesday, June 30, 2010

"Hey MOM... Look what I have got for YOU !"

Keda... caught one of the birds the cats have been stalking for a week. I Really didn't think that either cat had it in them to actually catch one! proved me wrong!

not to be out done, Halo brought me this lovely present at lunch time! I noticed she was meowing to get inside. Which is not like her.... she growls at me when I carry her in- she loves it outside......
to my surprise when I went to open the door, she picked this mouse up in her mouth and was still begging to come in!! Her and I had a little talk though the patio door.... NO WAY she was getting in until she got rid of the mouse! (Danica ran out after to catch a photo of our little present)

1 comment:

sassy said...

ahh! I bet the kitties thought you were hungry! Don't forget to act thankful-that was hard work!!