Friday, June 25, 2010

SCHOOLS out for the SUMMER

Yesterday I managed to make 60 mini burgers for all the Grade 3's and both Kindergarten classes.....
so if anyone is ever wanting to make this many... you will need:

1 white cake mix ( 1/2c melted butter, 1/2c water and 4 eggs added)

the burgers: 2 batches of your 8X8 brownie recipe (spread mix thin in a 9X13 pan- I used my pampered Chef cookie sheet - bar pan( it may be called)

Icing: 1 batch of Saucy's never fail butter cream ( this will be plenty!)

I used an 1.5 inch circle to cut out the burgers......

time including all baking, cooling, cutting and icing: 3 hours

They were a hit =-)

and with my 2 gift cards for Indigo --- I will be trying to find the What's New Cupcakes!

Now... to enjoy some of the SUN and HEAT....

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bamemories said...

You are way too motivated! I'm back tonight so I'll give you a call tomorrow. Are you doing more pilates classes? I think we should start running in the mornings soon.