Thursday, July 8, 2010

Canadian placement updates

Danica was amazing...she was bringing her A game this week

she now needs a bigger shadow box, she received 2gold medals and 3 bronze( one she scored her 2.5 so she moved up a level) moving up is hard at the best of time little lone at canadians!!!

No photos today to upload.. Think blogger has been out grown will not load any photos now....

We did get to Niagara Falls this afternoon... Well the 4 pm leave took 3 hours to get there and about 2 back... Traffic is nuts stand still grid lock nuts!!! The only scary part of the drve was the huge bridge at Burlington ... it's like straight up

Off to bed.. 1am and I need to be up at 6 again to get danica's friend to her competition tomorrom/today... And we leave at 8 am flight from here ... That means up at 4 am saskatoon time to be there by 7am Toronto time...

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