Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Golden girls!

Just a quick update from my iPod ;)

Danica must have got too much sun ... The poor girl was sick,crying and cold sweating at 8:30am. We had to be up at 6am dressed and ready out the door at 7am to be at the York University at 745. She was begging not to go on and coughing gagging style(blah) I told Brenda (the coach) that we should maybe dress someone else cuz danica never gets like this for a competition. But she would have none of that ...she took Danica and her team for a little walk and I went to the seating area so nervous and scared for her... They were 8th up... And Danica led the group onto the floor smiling ... That was the longest 2 minutes of my life! When they were done( BTW they rocked with only a few drops) they ran off but my little miss started to cough and sputter so I bolted down the stairs knowing how I would feel if I was going to be sick but not know where to go or if you would make it..... She did indeed get sick in a garbage can that goodness there was one near by.... We packed up n headed back to the hotel to sleep... 3hours later she was up and feeling better... And that goodness we rushed back to the awards!!!

Cuz their group beat out 6 groups and got gold ... As Danica would say"we are National Champs"

The best part of their win... They were not on the floor with the teams getting medals... They were watching by the stands.. And when they said GOLD goes to OTC for Think.. the girls screamed and jumped up to run get their medals!!!
Coach brenda was so impressed that they pulled together as a team with a sick member and smiled and did an amazing job!!!

Tomorrow she has 4events looks like we will be there all day... Danica is so pumped about her Duet with Jazzlyn and cuz she loves her solo dance so much she can't wait to do it( she just was taught it on a Thursday and only had3 or so hours to practise this routine with the coaches!!

So much for the short post;)

Gotta get some sleep so I'm not proff reading this post

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Jerri-Lea said...

Great job National Champ!! Hope you are feeling better!