Tuesday, July 13, 2010

PHOTOS Canadians - finally

Look at her 5 Medals.. (2 gold, 3Bronze)

getting their GOLDS for their group THINK

All the OTC Twirlers and the 2 Coaches...... Saskatchewan showed up to compete with 60 athletes!

Danica scared to DEATH to do her solo.... but with some encouragement from her Coach... she was great out on the floor.... getting a 2.5 and advancing into the next level of competition (BN) --- notice her coach smiling as she watched Danica enter onto the floor.

Danica and her Best Baton Bud ( Jazzlyn) preforming their duet for the first time... they scored a 2.3 and GOLD

NIAGARA... it was worth the 2hours 45minutes drive in peek rush hour!

POP and LOLLYS- Candy shop .....


Jerri-Lea said...

Congrats to Danika!! She's going to get a sore neck wearing all those medals!
Love the photos! (Especially like the candy shop! I do that too for ideas.)

Saucy said...

Well congrats to her from us, also! And yes, ditto on the candy stores like that. They are especially good at touristy destinations, aren't they?

Lurrve the shot with the girls wearing their names on the backs of their shirts :)