Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Very hot day full of fun! US old moms even got into the rides... Blogger is giving me problems so I can not upload them all tonight... not too many photos as we joined all the girls on the rides... and we loved the ones we got wet on- a great way to cool off =)

up early tomorrow for our group competition.... 7am we need to leave hotel to get to the York University!

and we got a little turned around with our lovely GPS giving us the route!!! ended up on the 401 in rush hour! but I like to say we did okay... super easy to drive on there but you have to keep up... 120km is slow on there!!! but I did not feel nervous at all... it is pretty well set up with signs- long as if you know where you need to exit!

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bamemories said...

Wow, wish I was there with you guys! Hope Danica had a good competition today. Sorry we didn't get together Sunday night, just so busy at work..Dale had supper ready when I got home and I kinda forgot. Blake got the stomach flu Sunday night and now Avery has it. Puked all over our bedroom floor last night at midnight and continued to dry heave ALL night long. I maybe got an hour of broken sleep. Just waiting for her to have a nap soon, so I can get some sleep. Give me call when you're back. I have Sun, Mon, Tues off next week and it's supposed to be hot...let's do something to cool off!