Thursday, March 12, 2009


today I thought I would grab the old camera and see how much of the photography lesson I could remember and apply to Damon's game. The results...better then I expected. what a difference from sports mode! these were on totally manual... ISO 800 WB was shade/tungsten shutter speed was from 100-200 where ever I could get the even Whit Balance.
currently uploading them to Picasa Web Album... hope I can just link it here easily!** it was easy..there are 101 photos once they all uploaded-need to go and delete a few but another day **

hockey 31209

tomorrow night I will be packing up for Danica's first out of town competition in baton...... we pack up the bus and leave at 6am Saturday!!! packing a little rolling suitcase with all her costumes and her hair and make-up supplies(we went shopping for some bright sparkly eyeshadow! some blush and her own mascara, foam rollers and AG liquid effect) it will be a long day so we will also need stuff to do between times... maybe the laptop and some movies to watch!

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KAGS Herself said...

Love the new bloggy look Mrs Z! Maybe see you tonight - just for a little while?