Sunday, March 8, 2009

Dj and I were off to scrap the day away on Saturday! Danica lasted way longer then I expected... but what she created had everyone amazed! ( photos will follow) I did do three pages and sort all my photos that I had printed and go through all the images on my computer! and was in bed sleeping by 1030! and had a great sleep-in

Today I attended a Photography class total hands on for my camera! she was amazing... well worth it.... learned some very interesting tips from equipment to sorting and saving photos! as well as: f 5.6 with 400ISO and shutter speed at 1/125 and your CWB set to shade- is your best way on MANUAL to shoot inside children/portraits....... AND in spring when it warms up ... we will be doing a walk around photo shoot!OVER EXPOSED Jelly Beans
Right exposure for blocks too...
just a shot of how the photos on the wall were arranged... love this grouping and the LIME GREEN wall!

Ladies that were there if you happen to come stumble onto here..... this is the software I was talking about Memory Manager 2.0 there is a virtual tour on my site(gotta warn you its is cheesy) and if you like it let me know and I can order you a copy at my cost $ 50.00 includes tax/shipping.

Saturday Danica and I will be boarding a bus for her baton in Regina at 530am! so I hope to use what I have learned to shoot her competition in manual and up my shutter speed to stop time and get a more clear image of her!

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Saucy said...

Drat! I missed out on a fantastic photo class. Thanks for sharing some of info. Good luck at baton!