Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Early this morning after a google search for cat ear tattoos in Saskatoon... which lead me to Alley Cats... I scanned through the list for lost cats and found a contact number.... Joey is now home with his Momma......

Last week when the kids and I where at the lake ..... Halo and Keda had a friend over--- or not really a friend but another kitten was in the house... some how.... ?!?!? and last couple nights there has been some mmmmeeeooowws ... and tonight there he was in the front yard... we got some dry food, canned food and water and took it to him on the front step..... he WAS HUNGRY... and being that the 2 cats are not into sharing this house with each other , little lone with a stranger.... I made him a box bed with a comfy blanket and placed it in a warm dry spot under the deck(this kitten has been sleeping I do believe for a while now on the outdoor furniture)

and remembering how heart broken the kids and I were when Halo went missing for a few days a while back..... I went straight to Kijiji... and placed a FOUND add.... then went back outside to pet this lonely friendly kitten..... and snap a few photos for the add....
after the photos were uploaded I began to search LOST in all categories.... and on page 11 I found this and with an inspection in his ear... we knew it was JOEY!

quickly emailed the parents... no phone number listed!! people even a cell number would have been nice!

so now we have joey inside the other 2 are learning to deal with it... and he is settling in... right on the kitchen chairs.... poor thing he has been missing at least since jun29 when the add was placed!

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