Friday, August 27, 2010


Okay.. I have no idea.... I know the main idea of the sport... I get the downs and the yard-line stuff... but as for the plays or the positions - I am lost

so here is what Damon says he plays: "Weak side Defence" ( and from what I can gather.. he is positioned in the 2nd line of defence.. middle.. and when its the right play he rushes the QB...)

Damon really enjoys it so far ( he has only had 2 practices) and does he and the other boys work hard... I didn't think it was this intense for practises ( 2 hours every night 5X a week until the season starts then 2 hours 4X a week and the games)

and for some reason the first set are backwards -for the play- no idea how that happened uploading ( but I am in the middle of making 62 cupcakes for tomorrows football bottle drive/ potluck supper... and I really don't feel like changing the photos!)

and Damon is in the BLACK with the ORANGE shirt showing at the bottom...


Jerri-Lea said...

If the coach in the picture is the one I know, he will have a great football year!! Great job D!

And yes, I'm exhausted after the first 3 days. So far it looks like I'll have two students... we'll chat more.

Kari said...

we will have to chat...

and the guy in the photo (don't know his name and I know I should... but his son is a coach-and he helpd out too) He has 35 years of coaching (Hilltops, high school and Husky I think) he seems to like Damon and helps him out a lot on how to read the offensive plays to know if he rushes the QB or stays back etc.... I'm glad Damon has such a good coach to help him out